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What is deuterium and deuterium depleted water

Deuterium is one of the isotopes of hydrogen. The nucleus of most hydrogen atoms found in nature consists of one proton (chemical symbol: 1H), but it can also consist of one proton and one neutron or one proton and two neutrons. In the first case, it is called deuterium (chemical symbol: 2H or D), and in the second – tritium (chemical symbol: 3H or T).
The content of deuterium in surface water in our climatic area is 150 ppm, with minimal fluctuation; the content of deuterium in rain water in the Equatorial area is 155 ppm; and in water in the Northern part of Canada, inland, is 135-140 ppm.
The amount of deuterium in water varies depending on latitude, as well as on altitude (it has a value of 150 ppm at sea level, and of about 130 ppm at 2000 meters).
The amount of deuterium in water is directly proportional to the deuterium content in the organisms that live there.
The concentration of deuterium in an adult human organism is about 12-14 mmol/l.
While this might not seem a high value, if we compare this quantity to the levels of other vital elements, we can notice that the level of deuterium in the body is six times higher than that of calcium and ten times higher than that of magnesium.
A series of experiments have showed that deuterium depleted water can have remarkable results and no toxic effects. Instead, it has beneficial effects on cell division.
The lesser the concentration of deuterium in water, the slower the process of cell division, which means that the “aging” of the organism will be slowed down.
A rapid cell division increases the likelihood of deficiency in the process of division.
Skin hydration is important not only from an esthetical point of view.
We all know that the skin is the body’s main defense system.
It prevents harmful substances from the environment to enter the body and does not allow rapid evaporation of water from the body.
The concentration of water in the skin decreases during the day, so one of the most important steps in cosmetology is the adequate hydration of the skin.
And to this end we need to drink a sufficient amount of liquid, to clean our skin regularly and to use good quality face lotions.
People who invent the future.
The hope factory for cancer patients.
A few kilometers away from Ramnicu Valcea there is a place where people think far and wide.
The former G Factory, now the National Institute for Cryogenic and Isotopic Technologies, is the place where hundreds of researchers “invent … the future”.
The revolutionary technological discoveries include those in the energy research area, in the area of nuclear fusion and fission, in the area of fuel cells, but also in the medical field, such as cryo lasers and deuterium depleted water.
This water may offer a chance to prevent cancers, having beneficial effects on health in combination with various drugs.
Having a great impact on the market, deuterium depleted water is the exceptional achievement of the director of the National Institute for Cryogenic and Isotopic Technologies, Ioan Stefanescu, who told us: “Deuterium depleted water is an homologated and patented product, and now it is being promoted in order to obtain an international patent.
I obtained all intellectual property rights exclusively for Romania and in particular for the Institute and, of course, for me as the main author of the patent.
This is not miraculous water, but water produced by a technology similar to the one that produces heavy water, through distillation, a technology that reduces the content of deuterium – the normal level of which is 144 ppm – to 25 ppm.
Fundamental research studies have shown that the reduction of the level of deuterium in water below 110 ppm has a beneficial effect on the metabolism of the human and animal bodies.
Deuterium depleted water causes relaxation, freshness, good disposition, diminishes daily stress and increases drug efficiency.
As for toxicity, it is the only product that is absolutely non-toxic.
This quality was emphasized by the toxicology laboratories of the Army, which conducted super-professional tests.
No negative effect was identified.”
As for the price, the experts of the Institute consider that this cannot be an impediment, having in view the beneficial effect deuterium depleted water has on the human body.
Deuterium depleted water is recommended to people who have an intense daily intellectual activity and work even 10 hours a day, but it can also be used preventively.

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