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We export hundreds of tons of living water

Clinics from all over the world treat their patients with this therapeutic water produced in Romania, by an Institute from Ramnicu Valcea.
According to the management of the Institute, deuterium depleted water has healing properties in skin and stomach diseases, provides protection against all kinds of viruses, lowers cholesterol levels, helps cure some forms of cancer and increases life expectancy.
The water with low deuterium content or the “living water”, as it is called, is a true natural cure, available to anyone.
And no, this is not about some drink prepared during ritual incantations at midnight, but is the result of nearly two decades of research done by a few Romanian physicists who have discovered new healing properties of the banal substance that is water.
The National Research-Development Institute for Cryogenic and Isotopic Technologies – ICSI Rm. Valcea has produced this miraculous water since 1986.
Initially, the Institute produced heavy water, that is, water with high levels of deuterium, for the Heavy Water Plant Halanga-Turnu Severin.
Given that heavy water has a disastrous impact on living matter, causing even death, there was put forward the hypothesis that its opposite, deuterium depleted water, could have beneficial effects.
At that moment, the production of deuterium depleted water was only a scientific process, its therapeutic properties being unknown.
Later, in 1992, a Hungarian biologist, Gabor Somlyai, showed that reducing the content of deuterium in water could result in “cleaner and purer” water that could have a positive impact on metabolism and the functioning of the living cell, being able to prevent the growth and even to provoke the disappearance of the cancer cell.
This discovery, called “deuterium depleted water”, brought Romanian researchers 5 gold medals and 3 silver medals at the Invention Exhibitions from Brussels, Geneva, London and Budapest.
Currently, it is used to treat patients in clinics from Hungary, Japan, USA, Germany and Romania.
“The living water is obtained only in laboratory, and we are its only legal producers, also having the approval of the Ministry of Health.
The Oncology Hospital of Timisoara and a private clinic from Constanta use this water.
Practically, since 2000, this water produced by us has been used in different treatments”, declared the general director of ICSI, Ioan Stefanescu.
According to him, over 100 tons of deuterium depleted water produced in Romania are exported annually to Hungary, Japan and USA.
“Deuterium depleted water does not involve the elimination of classic treatments (surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy). It only reduces the side effects of radiotherapy and cytostatic drugs. {...}
What is deuterium depleted water?
Deuterium is a natural and stable isotope of hydrogen. The normal deuterium concentration in the water on the surface of the Earth is somewhere between 144 and 150 ppm, that is, 144-150 parts of deuterium per million parts of hydrogen. Simply put, running water contains 144-150 ppm of deuterium. The researchers from ICSI Rm.Valcea take this water, pass it through some filters and reduce the concentration of deuterium to 25 ppm. This is how “light water” or deuterium depleted water appears.
“I have been using the living water in various treatments for over five years.”
One of the Romanian doctors who use this miraculous water in different treatments, which he recommends to his own patients, is Ioan Nedelcu, a dermatologist working at the Central Military Hospital.
“I have been using deuterium depleted water for over 5 years. I have seen with my own eyes the effects of the treatment with this water and I recommend it to my patients.
You simply drink this water for a certain period of time, just as any kind of regular drinking water.
It can cure many skin diseases: psoriasis, dermatological problems etc.
It helps even diminish the radiation effects in cases of cancer”, Ioan Nedelcu told us.

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