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The water of life, unknown panacea

Deuterium Depleted Water has not yet found its place among drugs, although some experts say it is successfully used in the treatment of many diseases.

Produced industrially since 2000, the water of life "(DDW) continues to be cause for disputes among specialists who either support or question it. The former sustain that studies in the country and abroad indicate that this product reduces cancer cell proliferation by blocking, but also stimulating crop germination.
The miraculous water also decreases radiation effects on humans, but influences industrial trout reproduction too. Plants sprayed with this water grow much faster and become even stronger. Nevertheless, pharmacists and the National Medicines Agency officials dont really trust this panacea. Cancer is losing ground.
For many years the DDW has had good results associated with various medical treatments, and doctors sustain that the most tangible results find themselves in the Oncology area. I had and I still have over 30 sick persons suffering from malign tumors under treatment. I have noticed an impressive rate of survival to these cancer patients ", says Prof. Dr. Nicola Traila, Head of Surgical Oncology Clinic of the Municipal Hospital of Timisoara.
Young people particularly would have a very good result using DDW in their treatment.The best example is a 14 year-old girl, suffering from sarcoma. Detected 4 years ago the illness would have killed her within 2 years at the most. But, besides chemotherapy she was administrated DDW every day. At present she feels a lot better as she did when starting the treatment, the survival period being already exceeded long ago in her case, says Prof. Dr. Nicola. Moreover, researches revealed DDW use had positive effects in dermatological affections, diabetes and other diseases.
Pharmacists are reluctant
The DDW is not yet considered a drug, although some experts think that its effects are often better than those of a classic treatment. Yes, I agree, the alternative medicine offers different healing possibilities, but we shouldnt forget the placebo effect, which is working as well for 27% of patients treated with chalk and optimism ", asserts Professor Dumitru Lupuleasa MD, President of the Pharmaceutical College.
Between reducing deuterium concentration by DDW consumption, and eating lots of fruits and vegetables, I would choose the latter, says Prof. Lupuleasa. Even if this water is used for some treatments and diseases it cannot be considered a medicine, also declares Daniel Boda, Head of National Medicines Agency.
Immaculate Water, industrial product.
The DDW started to be industrially produced 9 year ago and it has been exported especially in the USA, Japan and Hungary. It is called immaculate water and it is deuterium depleted water.
"The natural deuterium concentration of water on the Earth's crust is between 144 and 150 parts per million molecules (ppm). It means that for one million parts of hydrogen 144-150 deuterium parts coexist. To put it more simply, pure spring water contains 144-150 ppm deuterium concentration. We treat this water in several stages and bring it to a concentration of 25 ppm deuterium, which results in "light water" or deuterium depleted water, explains George Tiescu, doctor engineer specialized in organic chemistry from the National Institute for Research and Development for Cryogenics and Isotopic Technologies (ICSI) from Ramnicu Valcea.
The opposite of heavy water, privileged by Ceausescu
Deuterium Depleted Water is not considered the reason for which the ICSI pilot-station was established. About 39 years ago, following orders of the former dictator, the G Factory was created, whose initial purpose was to start producing heavy water. After heavy water was produced, G Factory became the Research National Institute.
In 1978, one of the most important discovery was patented: deuterium depleted water, known as the light water or living water in that period of time. The first and main benefit of this water is its anti-aging effect, its capacity to control the stress and slow down the cellular division. At the moment, DDW is distributed by pharmacies under Qlarivia name, as an adjuvant.

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