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The Living Water a 100% Romanian wonder: saves lives, delays aging

Deuterium Depleted Water was invented by Romanians and received awards abroad. A very well-known doctor from Timisoara uses this water to increase the life expectancy of patients with cancer. NASA studied this water in order to use it on Mars. This water is not a drug. It can be purchased online: contact@qlarivia.com.

deuterium depleted water
Gianina M. from Lugoj should have been dead a long time ago. She is 17 and has been suffering from cancer for almost 3 years. Now her cancer is stable and she is leaving a normal life. All of this because she drank every day the living water produced by ICSI - Ramnicu Valcea. Experts call it deuterium depleted water; people call it miraculous water.
Gianina has been drinking only this water for 3 years, about 1,5 liters a day, and because of this she did not have to undergo chemotherapy anymore. Her mother uses deuterium depleted water to prepare even her meals. She does not have metastases, so she is practically almost cured, says Doctor Nicola Traila, the Head of Surgical Oncology Clinic of Municipal Hospital Timisoara. He was able to extend the lives of dozens of people suffering from cancer only by using this water. The water did not cure advanced cancers, but it doubled the lifespan of patients. The best results were encountered in cases of incipient cancers, in children and young people. Deuterium Depleted Water makes nausea caused by chemotherapy disappear, the patient no longer throws up and gets stronger. Be aware that this water is not a drug, but only complements the treatment", explained Dr. Traila. He also drinks this water daily, in the morning; he uses it to prepare his tea. So that it would be effective, one should drink it constantly.

Japanese in love with the miraculous water: he bought 20 tons.
One Japanese uses the living water bought from Romania to bathe in it every day. He was suffering from esophageal cancer and doctors had given him a few months to live. Being a University professor, he had heard about this water. He took the plane from Tokyo, traveled to Ramnicu Valcea, and returned home after having purchased 20 tons of deuterium depleted water, which were shipped to him. 8 years have passed since then and he feels as if he had never been sick. He became the greatest fan of this water. He says he bathes in it because it is good for his epidermis. He even prepares his sake with it, laughs Professor Ioan Stefanescu, the Director of the Institute. He has also been using this water for about 15 years to prepare his coffee.
Almost everyone from the hospital department uses this water and this is why they are all very active and lively, says the doctor. Medical experiments have been done on mice and fowls; the result was that those that drank this water lived more and were healthier. Deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen, which is thought to be responsible for aging, as well as for other processes. The lower the amount of deuterium in the blood, the better for health, experts say.

Dermatologist Ioan Nedelcu used this water on his patients. He also created a brand of lotions based on this water. It slows down the aging process in the epidermis, and it is spectacular in this sense. It is great for acne and psoriasis, as well. It took me 4 years to create this brand, which now includes 19 different products based on this water. The products are unique, but not very known. In order to promote this brand, we need a lot of money, which we dont have, says Doctor Nedelcu. A few researchers from NASA visited the Institute some time ago. Their purpose was to take this water on Mars. They studied the water, but no one knows the result. This happened after this water had received many awards at the Innovation Exhibitions in Brussels, Geneva, London and Budapest.

Hungarians buy half of the water production, the Japanese - 15%.
How was this water discovered? It happened in the '80s. The water had two "fathers"; one is the present Director of the Institute. Back then they studied heavy water. They discovered the living water unintentionally, because it was used in the technology that produced heavy water. Only after four years they obtained ... one liter of deuterium depleted water. "Our first shock: there was no trace of toxicity, no trace of anything that was not natural. By '86 I obtained the patent, and lots of patients started coming at the Institute," says Professor Stefanescu.
The business started with an announcement - a Hungarian person wanted to buy hundreds of tons of water. We struggled to produce one liter ... what could he do with hundreds of tons? He bought a ton, then another ton, and that was how we started growing. Before having met him, we didnt know of the health benefits of this water. By 2000 we were exporting around 150 tons of deuterium depleted water a year (that is, 150,000 liters). He was buying it from us as distilled water, bottled under a brand name he had chosen, and was selling it to sick people as therapeutic water. There was no mention on the label of the place where it was produced. When the Hungarian person could no longer pay for the water, the director took another business partner. Engineer Cristian Mladin took the responsibility to buy and pay regularly for the water. So, the director of the Institute legally transferred the patent to him, and now his business partner is the one who produces this water in the Institute and sells it under the brand name Qlarivia. This water contains 5 times less deuterium than normal water.
Hungarians buy this water in the greatest proportion (40%-50%) and Japanese buy about 10%-15% of our production. The rest goes to sick people from Romania, to a few sick people from USA, Germany and Turkey. One American bought 180 liters just for prevention. We are on the right track. The percentage of sales in Romania is growing. We are moving slowly in order to test the market. We export 150 tons a year at most, because this is still a small-scale business, says engineer Mladin. It is expensive because it is not produced in large quantities, and 60% of the cost is paid for energy. Is one thing to deliver by van and another thing to use a truck. It is more like a hobby, for the moment I live on other businesses, says the engineer.
If you breathe in the bottling facility, it has to be washed 8 hours.
The Institute produces this water water day and night, in a 30 meter tower, which works 8,000 hours a year, with 5 employees. It is like a huge boiler: normal water from Bistrita River is pumped in it up to the top, it is distilled, depleted of deuterium, and it is then slowly pumped down the tube. The water is then put in some white plastic containers, it undergoes a process of ozonification, is decontaminated, and then sent in the bottling system. The bottling system is like in sci-fi movies. The cost of it was 70,000 euros it looks like a kind of perfectly clean window, computerized and has all sorts of tubes, pipes and holes. Four men dressed in white, with masks, take great care of it.
If one of them breathes on the installation, sneezes or leaves an imprint on some parts, the whole installation has to be cleaned! And the cleaning process takes 8 hours. Isotope analysis is done in another room, using some machines with an incredible technology. It has thin wires. All kinds of substances go through them. Only the cost of this equipment was one million euros. Expensive, but it worth it. The father of the living water are confident that their invention will save many lives, from now on.

Sursa: www.gandul.info

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