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The living water

Earth is a planet apart, but perhaps the only major difference and, in fact, fundamental fact relative to the planets closest to the sun is giving water. The immensity of the waters that surround the globe like a blue-green sleeve, borrow a fascinating aspect of Earth looking from universe.
Without water life wouldn’t exist, like is today with all shapes and forms.
Until exploring celestial bodies will not confirm any assumptions about the other solutions, extravagant, the embodiment of life in the universe, we are obliged to consider the latter as mere fantasy.
Water is the primary medium of life and remains an element of support and maintenance of the living world. Provided that the water itself is not "dead", oxygen exhausted, full of toxic compounds, poisonous water.
A recent raport about quality of water says one of the biggest rivers of the world, the Yangtze, is not only disturbing, but downright alarming.
The route of 5,000 kilometers, squirt a huge river of China's territory, with a population density that remained high over several millennia.
Important cities such as Shanghai, Nanjing and Chongqing was built gradually along its banks, reaching today the dimensions of real metropolis.
It goes without saying that millions and millions of people depend on water from the Yangtze, which, by chemical analyzes, the report said imposibl a drink.
Like everywhere, human society can not exist without industrial activities and discharges into the river today Chinese industrial wastes in an amount of 30 billion tonnes per year.
The huge number suggests the double volumn of garbage thrown in the river every year.
With such a percentage of toxins worn into Pacific Ocean, Yangtze is becoming increasingly unfavorable life environment.
Its reserves are shrinking dramatically over, and a species of dolphin that lives not in any other part of the world came to the brink of extinction.
Pollution of the river is not only remembered, but characterized more than 70 percent of China's rivers and lakes.
And no groundwater reserve of Chinese cities is better not because the report says is contaminated in 90 percent of cases.
What I present here is just an illustrative example.
Athough in other parts of the world remains incomparably lower population density and industrial pollution reduction measures are more drastic than in contemporary China I’m not aware of any important river flowing through the bed which only water "alive".
I want to say: clean water, natural, swing of aquatic species which inhabit, representing the biological richness.
In addition, accidental factors appear to "trouble the waters" (literally) such as natural disasters.
Katrina left New Orleans and the other cities aroud destroyed completely without any potable water.
The same happened in decembrie 2004, after the big tsunami who smashed away villages from Asia.
Not to mention the largest areas from Asia, where water almost doesn’t exist , not even polluted water or filled with dangerous bacterias.
In this kind of situations, boiling the water cand be a solution for the polluted waters, but it takes time and financial resources to built a hole system destroyed.
A recent invention comes to join them, especially in areas characterized by high relative humidity: car extract water from the air.
Merchants have thought of everything. Where the hot air does not contain "raw material" for the above mentioned machines, they can be successfully used to purify polluted water.
Undoubtedly, and population strung along the Yangtze River could take advantage of the production of water from the air extractors and their use as light water purification stations already begun to address emergencies third world.
It's about time: after some calculations, more than one billion people of this beautiful planet placed into water daily drink contaminated water.

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