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The Immaculate Water, in the top of research excellence

Awards for innovative projects, a premiere in Romania

More groups of researchers have been awarded for excellent results obtained in the field of their work. At the Awards for Excellence" ceremony , that took place in Romania for the first time, two categories of distinctions were awarded, some of them being honorific, while some others allowed the research teams to win amounts between 10,000 and 70,000 lei.
9 awards of National Authority for Scientific Research (ANCS) were conferred in addition to the ones offered following projects selection.
At the opening of the conference, Professor Ion Stefanescu MD from the National Research and Development Institute for Cryogenics and IsotopicTechnologies (ICSI), was awarded the prize for excellence in research for the project on “Integrated system of energy conversion from renewable source.
The ANCS also awarded two prizes for technology transfer, both for projects of the ICSI from Rm. Valcea
The prize for the best tehnological process was awarded for heavy water detrition, a contract signed with Nuclearelectrica , which will be applied to reactors 1 and 2 of the Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant.
The prize for the most ingenious tehnological process was offered for deuterium depleted water.
Is an old project, an invention brevet, which is now patented by the EU, licensed in Japan and is in the process of being licensed in the USA.
The project was integrated in the program no.5 of the National Program II for Research - Development - Innovation, and with the support of the company that took over the development of production, the QLARIVIA brand, the "immaculate" water, was born.
It is a natural product, a drinking water. It was, we believe, an extraordinary success in technology transfer, which started from an invention patent and was completely taken over by a fully Romanian company.
This water has an antioxidant and antiaging effect on a patient body, positive effects such as freshness and curative properties having been noticed after a few month of treatment. We really hope it will be useful to people with health problems as it is an antioxidant. When used in combination with the classical medical treatment, the DDW efficiency seems to reach its maximum”, declared Professor Ioan Stefanescu.

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