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The effect of deuterium depleted water on cancerous cells

Besides influencing our metabolism, deuterium also has a major impact on cell division.
In order for a cell to divide, it must first receive a signal of division. The first signal of division is an optimal value of the deuterium-to-hydrogen ratio.
Studies have shown for a long time that, when a cell starts to divide, the first thing it does is to activate the diaphragm pump that removes the hydrogen from the cell.
After the removal of the hydrogen, what remains is deuterium.
So, the level of hydrogen decreases, while the level of deuterium increases, and that is when the cell division signal starts.
Cancer is a chaotic and extremely accelerated division of malignant cells. If we reduce the deuterium concentration in cancer cells by introducing in the organism deuterium depleted water, then the optimal deuterium-to-hydrogen ratio is no longer produced and, after a number of programmed divisions that did not occur, cancer cells approach death. And here, you should know that these cells include the information that programs their death.
A cancer cell out of control, which does not grow old, but only multiplies continually, is prevented by this water from multiplying, and consequently, it grows old and dies.
This physiological mechanism invented by nature and which does not affect our body balance is fabulous.
A cancer cell has a so-called altered metabolism. If the healthy cell has reserve division mechanisms, the cancer cell no longer has them.
This is why normal cells are not affected by lower levels of deuterium concentration, while malignant cells are prevented from dividing and approach death.

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