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Qlarivia - Immaculate Water for your wellness!

We invite you to read the new article about Qlarivia published in the October 2010 number of Natural Remedies Magazine.

Qlarivia deuterium depleted water
Qlarivia - Immaculate Water for your wellness
Qlarivia is purified potable water with low concentration of deuterium: 25 ppm (25 water molecules in one million contain deuterium), a concentration 6 times lower than in regular water, which has a 150 ppm deuterium concentration.
The main benefits of constant Qlarivia consumption are anti-aging effects and increased body immunity.
Qlarivia is not a drug, but a dietary supplement.
You will taste in Qlarivia the immaculate water for the production of which technology was used so that you might benefit from a unique product that reinvents nature in its original form. Millions of years ago water was pure, untouched, and always young, due to the low deuterium concentration. With QLARIVIA, potable water with low deuterium concentration, you can reach primordial life balance.
Deuterium and water with low deuterium concentration
Deuterium is a stable isotope of hydrogen with mass number 2.
The deuterium concentration in the adult human body is about 120-140 ppm. Although it may not seem high, if we compare this quantity with the mass of other vital elements, we can see that the concentration of deuterium in the human body is 6 times higher than the concentration of calcium and 10 times higher than that of magnesium. There is no study concerning the role of deuterium in the organism, but many researches show that lower levels of deuterium in the body bring important health benefits.
Deuterium depleted water – Medical instructions
A series of experiments done on living organisms and tissues proved that the use of deuterium depleted water could have positive effects. Thus, experts found that deuterium depleted water had an impact on cell division: the lower the deuterium concentration in water, the lower the rate of cell division, which meant that the aging process could be slowed down. Remarkable results were obtained in researches done on cancerous tissues, in researches concerning diabetes and some dermatological diseases, such as psoriasis. Deuterium depleted water can reduce the level of cholesterol, can help in post-stroke rehabilitation, it stimulates memory, regenerates the epidermis, improves sleep and digestion, fights anxiety, stress, depression and acne, and can increase treatment efficiency.
After laborious and long researches, a group of Romanian researchers invented a unique technology for obtaining deuterium depleted water. The invention received the gold medal at Brussels Innovation Exhibition. Using this technology we created Qlarivia.
What is the taste of Qlarivia water?
Qlarivia water tastes like best quality regular potable water.
From where can it be purchased?
You can buy Qlarivia online from www.qlarivia.com.

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