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Local Exremum at 8.95 ?m in Spectrum of Mountain Water as indicator for Health and Longevity

Authors: Ignat Ignatov, Oleg Mosin, Borislav Velikov
1. DSc, Professor, Scientific Research Center of Medical Biophysics (SRCMB),
N. Kopernik Street, 32, Sofia 1111, Bulgaria
2. PhD (Chemistry), Biotechnology Department, Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology,
Talalikhina Street, 33, Moscow 109316, Russian Federation
3. PhD, Ass. Professor, St Ivan Rilski University of Mining and Geology, Aquachim JSC, 83 Prof. Tzvetan Lazarov Blvd., Sofia, Bulgaria

Journal of Health, Medicine and Nursing, ISSN 2422-8419 (Online), Vol. 10, 2015

In this paper are submitted data on longevity factors and mountain water in factorial research of
phenomenon of longevity in mountainious and field areas of Bulgaria. The dependence was established among various internal and external factors on a phenomenon of longevity – residence area, health status, gender and heredity. It was shown that water is among the most important factors for longevity. Natural waters derived from various Bulgarian water springs were investigated by IR-spectroscopy, NES-, and DNES-method. It was shown, that the increased content of deuterium leads to physiological, morphological and cytology alterations of the cell, and also renders negative influence on cellular metabolism, while deuterium depleted water with decreased deuterium content on 20-30% has beneficial effects on health. By using IR-spectroscopy (NES and DENS-method) were investigated various samples of water with varying contents of deuterium, received from Bulgarian water springs and blood serum of cancer patients as well. As estimation factor was measured the values of the average energy of hydrogen bonds (?EH...O) among H2O molecules, as well as local maxima in the IR-spectra of various samples of water and human blood serum at -0.1387 eV and wavelength – 8.95 ?m. For a group of people in critical condition of life and patients with malignant tumors the greatest values of local maxima in IR-spectra are shifted to lower energies relative to the control group. The obtained results testify to necessity of consumption of clean natural water which quality satisfies mountain water from Bulgarian water springs.

This paper studies the influence of various internal and external factors on a phenomenon of longevity –residence area, health status, gender, heredity, isotopic composition of water with using non-equilibrium (NES) and differential non-equilibrium (DNES) spectrum of water. The research was carried out under the joint scientific project “NATURE, ECOLOGY AND LONGEVITY” conducted in Bulgaria.

Research conducted by us shows that the direct relationship of man and nature – clean air, natural food from eco-farms and physical activity explains the difference between the larger number of centenarians who live in the mountain regions of Bulgaria and Russia and their high average number. Natural water with increased content of deuterium seems to be one of the most important factors for longevity. In Bulgaria, most centenarians live in the Rhodope Mountains, while in Russia – in Dagestan and Yakutia. It worth to note that IR-spectrum of mountain water is most similar to the IR-spectrum of blood serum of healthy group of people with a local maximum at ? = 8,95 ?m. Similar spectral characteristics possess mountain water from Teteven, Bojana and other Bulgarian sources. Thus, the phenomenon of longevity is a complex phenomenon involving both genetic and phenotypic characteristics of the organism to external factors and environment – free radicals, radiation, heavy isotopes, as well as the structure and the isotopic composition of drink water. Other longevity factors are living area, health status, body mass, gender and heredity. Studying of human blood serum by NES and DNES-methods show that by measuring the average energy of hydrogen bonds among H2O molecules and the distribution function of H2O molecules on energies it is possible to drow a vital state statusof a person and associated life expectancy. These data indicate that water in the human body has the IR-spectrum resembling IR-spectrum of human blood serum. On the characteristics of the IR-spectrum of water exerts an influence also the presence of deuterium. Thus, the phenomenon of longevity is a complex multifactorial phenomenon involving both genetic (internal) and phenotypic (external) characteristics of the organism in its adaptation the environment. Further we are planning to continue this project for the research of phenomenon of human longevity in field area (Pleven region), sea area (Varna region) and mountainious area (Smolyan region) in Bulgaria. Although additional data for parents and grandparents of long-living people are needed, total statistical analysis for all these summary factors will be essential for further scrutinized conclusions.

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