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Living Water fights against seriouses diseases

Life was born in water, but in a completely special water. We owe our existence primordial water that have great quality and a low deuterium content. The same special water is the explanation for longevity and health of populations living near the North Pole and drinking only water from the glacier.

The last researches proved that deuterium depleted water grows in a spectaculous way our metabolism. We compare the action of water with a low deuterium with perfect functioning of an engine that always gets the best quality oil.
In this way lipids, carbohydrates and proteins are processed almost perfect ", explains Professor Ioan Nedelcu, Central Military Hospital Bucharest performances that our body can achieve when is been supplied with special water.
The spectacular evolution of technology makes possible to obtain water with a low deuterium even in ordinary water. It is a process rather expensive, but worth the effort.
Some edible plants watered with living water a few times increase productivity and laboratory mice live twice as long and they are more sexually active.
" It seems that delay the onset of degenerative processes that draw old age and death.
Speaking of old age and death, it seems that a lot of suffering are induced by deuterium accumulation in the body.Often degeneration and cell death are cell uncontrolled productions which, in time, lead to the formation of malignant tumors generating death. International researches on mice cell cultures and human aswell showed a spectaculous effect of deuterium depleted water in blocking the progress of malignant tumors, says Proffesor Nedelcu, the doctor who succeed to control cancerous tumors evolutions at many patients.
Deuterium Depleted Water Management is a full-fledged treatment, accompanied by permanent monitoring patients.
There are spectaculous effects also in case of diabetes patients alive without injectable insulin.
In this moment, In West there are present in the supermarkets all types of deuterium depleted water, which maintain a good physical and mental health.
Researchers noticed that living water figths against depressed mood, insomnia and hastens recovery from strokes.

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