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Living water against cancer

It is the first time I am talking with a little girl who is supposed to have been dead by now. Dead for a few years already, the doctors say, and this gives me a stupid feeling.

It is the first time I am talking with a little girl who is supposed to have been dead by now. Dead for a few years already, the doctors say, and this gives me a stupid feeling.
I am embarrassed to look at her, to ask her questions and listen to her.
Surprisingly Elena helps me pass this deadlock.
She smiles at me sadly while looking through me, even more sadly, between two tapping at the computer. She has the air of a grown up person who has already been through heavy trials.
And without making a tragedy out of it, she says: Yes, I feel fine, I am on holiday, I take medicines, I read, draw, write poems, and go to medical checkup.
God, this girl has also got some kind of serenity!
As if everything would be just a game.
As if she wouldnt have anything to loose, apart from one small detail.
Life itself! Which hangs by a hair, or more specifically, depends on a few cans of deuterium depleted water. Living Water!
Professor Traila Nicola, M.D., Head of the Surgical Oncology Clinic of the Municipal Hospital Timisoara, treats cancer in a less common manner: with the living water.
This is the already renowned deuterium depleted water, produced in Ramnicu Valcea, and which has almost miraculous properties, as experts claim.
Even if the research concerning this phenomenon is still in an incipient phase, meaning that we dont have yet many scientific explanations, the living water does its job very well. It is pure health, wherever it is used.
Not even Professor Nicola Traila knows the exact mechanism by which deuterium depleted water restrains cancer.
But this is not a reason for him not to use it, given that tens of patients are still alive because of this water: This story started from a simple observation, that is, from the fact that, unlike people from other places, people on the Tibetan Plateau live longer and rarely have cancer.
Research studies have concluded that the reason for this is the consumption of this water, which comes from melted glaciers. This is deuterium depleted water, because it evaporated once. So, this was the starting point for our laboratory experiments, in Budapest and in Bucharest, Hungarians and Romanians being the pioneers in this field.
It was noted that this water protected the organism of mice that developed cancers. Moreover, it enhanced their physical strength, survival instinct and fertility, at ages equivalent to the human age of 80 years. So, the so-called anti-aging effect of this water is worth considering. We extended these results to humans, being guided by the Hungarian scientific studies and experience. In Budapest, researchers used the living water in different types of cancers, on a series of 40 patients, which, from a statistic point of view, is correct and relevant.

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