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Light water, the cure for heavy diseases

Deuterium depleted water fights cancer, makes psoriasis disappear and rejuvenates the skin. This is the title of the article published in National Journal, which presents the characteristics of deuterium depleted water production and its benefits.

Alina was 13 when she met Doctor Nicola Traila. Her skin had been eaten by cancer for 2 years. The radiation and chemotherapy had turned her into a vegetable and were attacking her other organs. Along with the regular medical treatment, she started drinking daily a sort of water with taste, which immediately makes you feel revitalized, as the director of ICSI, Ioan Stefanescu, says.
5 years have passed since then and Alina continues drinking only this water. Even her food is prepared with the miraculous water, and her cancer almost disappeared slowly. Her immune system was strengthened and she had no more infections, says her mother. Professor Traila, Head of Surgical Oncology Clinic of the Municipal Hospital of Timisoara, had investigated deuterium depleted water for a long time.
The initial theory was simple, and the reasoning wise. It was noted that people who live in the mountains and drink glacier water (distilled water) are much healthier and rarely suffer from cancer. This means, therefore, that the lower the deuterium concentration in water, the lower the rate of diseases, especially of cancer, in the human body.
This is how the doctor noticed that his patients who drank DDW began to get rid of nausea, dizziness, body weakness, fever, chills, and all the side effects of cytostatic drugs, and cancer cells stopped developing and spreading in the human body. We use this water as an adjuvant to the medication for cancer. The water which we take from the level of the river contains 155ppm. If these levels decrease to 60 ppm, then we can obtain some extraordinary therapeutic effects. The water practically prevents cancer occurrence. However, it is best to drink this water preventively.

The researches done on mice showed they were more active and did not get sick after having started drinking this water. At the age when they would normally die, they were still able to procreate. Their life expectancy doubled, says Doctor Traila.

At the age of 10 or 12, the level of deuterium in the body is ideal. As we grow older, the deuterium concentration increases and the elasticity of cellular membrane decreases. This water with only 25 ppm is very good for the prevention of the aging process. If you cut a grapevine, a sap flows from the stem, containing 60 parts per million. Our parents used to treat our eye sties with that substance.

The water that we produce now has a deuterium concentration almost three times lower than that from the sap of the grapevine. Imagine how pure and wonderful it is for the human body, says Ioan Stefanescu, the Director of ICSI. He has been working here for over 40 years. He admits that he drinks purified water every morning, and his body has been in a very good condition since then.
The idea of verifying and monitoring the water appeared over 2 decades ago, when the experts of the Institute had to produce water with low levels of deuterium, for industrial purposes. Initially, we were producing a heavy water here, water with a very high concentration of deuterium. Since heavy water has destructive effects, causing even death, someone came with the idea that its opposite, deuterium depleted water, should have completely opposite effects.
Experts had no idea about its curative effects until a Hungarian biologist, Gabor Somlyai, started to buy tons of this water and sell it under a brand different than the Romanian one. More and more laboratory researches were done afterwards, and that was the moment when researchers found out the benefic effects of this water on the human body.
After this, more and more people, especially doctors interested in this product, came to the Institute. The entire production process of the water was expensive, so the Institute had to find people willing to invest in this technology. This is how Mr. Cristian Mladin, an engineer who invested in this business, started cooperating with the Institute. The director transferred the patent to him, and now his partner produces the water in the Institute and sells it in Romania, as well as all over the world. From 80 tons the quantity that the Institute used to produce, the production increased now to 140 tons. This technological transfer will bring to the Institute a certain amount of money, for a twenty-year period, whether or not the investor gains profit. With this money we can continue our research in other fields, such as isotopic fingerprinting of alcoholic beverages, says Mr. Stefanescu.
This wonder discovered by Romanians received five gold medals and three silver medals at the Innovation Exhibitions from Geneva, Brussels, London and Budapest. Light water is produced in our laboratory and we are the only legal producers, having the approval of the Ministry of Health, says the Director of the Institute. However, Somlyai still buys tons of this water from the Institute, bottles it under a different brand, making people believe that he produces it. A 500 ml bottle can cost even 10 euros, while Romania sells it for less than 4 euros. The Japanese, the Chinese can sell it even for 60 euros a liter.
At the annual Congress from Calimanesti, where the issue of deuterium depleted water was also discussed, came partners from almost all countries, including Japan and China, who had bought this water in the past. The Chinese said that since he had been using this water, he was more potent, and the Japanese confessed that his stomach cancer was healed because he drank this water, after the doctors had given him only a few months to live.
He became the greatest fan of this water, and now he even washes himself with it. A researcher from NASA came, too, at the Institute, and bought over 100 l to study it. After his visit, the researcher wrote a number of articles where he mentioned our discovery and the curative effects of light water, says the spokesperson of the Institute, inviting us in the room where the living water as it is called by those who drink it is bottled.
We put on our gowns, caps and special shoes. We enter the room where, before entering, employees must first take a shower, change their clothes, put on a mouth mask and take care not to leave the room before the end of the work day. Once inside this clean room, as we call it, you are not allowed to get out. If you do this, you must wash ain, disinfect yourself and put on all your equipment. Everything is sterile. There are ozonation equipment and UV treatment. The water comes from the system, from a huge tower, into a buffer vessel and, before being bottled, passes through two microbiological filters, as if it would be under an ozone pillow. After that, we arbitrarily take three bottles from every lot and send them to Bucharest for examination. Around 4000 bottles of water are bottled during an eight-hour day. The system is not continuously on, it depends on the water demand, explains Doru Andrei, the Head of the Department.
Almost 10 years ago, the Director of the Institute came in the office of Professor Ioan Nedelcu, from the Military Hospital in Bucharest. Put it on your skin and see what happen she told me, and handed me one bottle with light water. The effects were miraculous. Since then, the difficult cases of psoriasis found solution, and the healing period for vitiligo has decreased because of the special lotion created for this disease. If a rose is put in normal water, it resists 2-3 days. But put in living water, it can resist up to 10 days. We created an anti-aging lotion based on deuterium depleted water and extract of temple viper venom, having 80% of the effect of botulinum toxin", says Proffesor Nedelcu.

Deuterium depleted water, like the cosmetics based on it, is unique in Romania, but little known. Lacking the money necessary for promoting the product, the doctors and the researchers struggle hard, with the belief that eventually their work is not in vain, as long as there are people knocking on their door and saying "Thank you!".

Deuterium is one of the isotopes of hydrogen. Many experiments proved that deuterium depleted water has no toxic effect. It helps control diabetes, reduce the need for insulin and blood sugar levels. It reduces the levels of cholesterol, helps in post-stroke rehabilitation, stimulates memory and regenerates the epidermis, treats serious skin diseases, such as psoriasis, and has spectacular results in treating tumors. It improves sleep and digestion, prevents anxiety, stress and depression, fights acne, causes reduction of cysts, prostate adenomas and increases drug efficiency.

The researchers from the Cryogenic Institute from Ramnicu Valcea received gold medals at the Innovation Exhibitions in Brussels and Budapest.

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