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Further information on cancer treatment with deuterium depleted water

Earlier I promised that I would provide some more information on the use of deuterium depleted water (DDW) in cancer treatment. (In my earlier communications I desribed the essence of DDW treatment). The concept is based on the recognition that cancer cells are very sensitive to deuterium depletion, if the the deuterium concentration of the body goes below normal physiological level (12-14 mmol/l), it delays the progression of several types of cacer. Depletion of body deuterium can be achieved by consumption of DDW and nutrients deficient in deuterium). It was Gabor Somlyai (PhD), a Hungarian molecular biologist who developed the concept and has turned it into a cancer treatment. His invention Pharmaceutical products for curing tumorous diseases and process for preparing same has been patented in 21 countries, including the US, UK, Japan, Canada, France etc. (The US patent number: 5,855,921).

The DDW must be of interest for all cancer patients, but the reason that I inform the group about this new and potentially powerful treatment is that it may provide some hope for those patients who are resitant for gleevec or for one reason or other, gleevec cannot be available for them.

In August this year I visited Dr. Somlyai in Budapest who summarized the latest developments regarding the use of DDW in cancer treatment. He explained that the method has been tested in vitro, in preclinical animal studies and a Phase 2 clinical test. The Phase 2 double blind randomized clinical trial in 44 patients with prostate tumor showed statistically significant benefits of DDW versus placebo. In addition, no drug-related side effects were observed. The Hungarian Institute of Pharmacy agreed to allow around 1000 patients expanded access to DDW. The following observations have been made: Breast tumor:The two year survival rate of DDW-consuming patients with distant metastases increased up to 73% from the expected 20 %. Lung tumor: The median, the period within 50 per cent of the patients die, increased from 8 months up to 24 months. Dr. Somlyai refered to a number of other animal studies and many reports they receive from cancer patients which indicate that the success rate of the use of DDW in case of most cancers where the tumor size is not very big is around 70 %. There are very positive results if the DDW is used together with traditional treatments (operation, chemotherapy etc). I informed him about the special interest of the group regarding CML. He said that they were focusing mainly on cancers which affect a large number of people (breast cancer, prostate cancer and lung cancer) , but they had a small number of CML patients too. In the pre-gleevec period they observed steady improvements in their labotatory test results. Another question that some of the CML patients treated with DDW later started to take gleevec. They have had positive experiments with other leukemia patients too. There are, however, some cancers, melanoma and pancreatic cancer, for example, the treatment of which was less successful. As he explained these cancer cells adopt quicly to the deuterium depleated environment and the growth of the tumor continues. In the light of the very positive results, a request to register the use of DDW as anticancer drug has been filed with the competent Hungarian authorities. The procedure is pending, for reasons not entirely clear. My conversation with Dr. Somlyai and other experts has convinced me that the acceptance of DDW would hurt serious vested interests. The treatment is cost effective (around USD 150-200 per month) and it could replace a number of presently used therapies. In Hungary and also in many other countries numerous cancer patinets use DDW wihout any authorization and, unfortunately, without any medical supervision.

I have also talked to a Hungarian veterinary doktor in view of the fact that DDW was registered in Hungary in 1999 as a anti cancer drug in the veterinary practice. She told me that she had been treating cancerous dogs and cats with a 70-80 per cent sucess rate. She had also confirmed that the treatment was more difficult in advanced cases. In these situations she injects DDW directly in the tumor, if this is possible. This story is very relevant because, as I was told by experts, the difference between animals and humants from point of view of cancer treatment is not that much... Thefore it happens frequently that pets owners suffering from cancer would like to get a treatment similar than their pet received...

The history of the DDW is very said. I have talked to a number of experts. I have not heared any doubts regarding the validity of the concept and the efficacy of the DDW treatment. Still, no major pharmaceutical company has expresed interest. The probbale reason is that the product is too simple, too unexpensive. As a result, the HYD Ltd. For Research and Development has difficulties in raising money to complete the required further clinical and other tests.

Despite all the problems, I am confident that sooner or later DDW will be recognized worldwide as one of the efficient cancer drugs. To cut the long story short: the DDW may offer some hope for those CML patinets, who are resitent to gleevec and other drugs; who are also suffering from other cancers which can be treated with DDW; who have doubts regarding the long-term efficacy of gleevec and other toxic treatments; and for those who cannot afford to buy gleevec and other very expensive drugs.

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