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From the Japanese bathroom to the outer space

The Living Water
While the vast majority of Romanians, as well as most Romanian physicians, consider deuterium depleted water as a mere curiosity that might be worth trying, things are totally different in the Western type of pragmatic market economy.
Thus, an unexpectedly high demand for deuterium depleted water has come from Japan during the last years. Rich Japanese women have discovered a new delight: bathing in deuterium depleted water.
Somewhat recalling of Cleopatra’s habits, the delight of the Japanese, which combines this water purchased from Ramnicu Valcea with various herbs and natural remedies, was meant to prevent skin aging.
The continuous growing demand for this water in the Japanese market proves its evident efficiency.
Thus, the National Research-Development Institute for Cryogenic and Isotopic Technologies – ICSI Rm. Valcea, one of the few deuterium depleted water producers worldwide, has begun exporting, since last year, a quantity of 50 tons of water with a deuterium concentration of 25 ppm, every three months.
This demand has been growing, despite the fact that the cost of such a bath varies between $1,000 and 2,000.
But the Japanese do not used this water only for bathing purposes.
Some companies use it to produce the famous sake.
Timidly following their example, a few Romanian producers of distilled beverages have started to think of using this water to produce brandy, because it might diminish the negative effects of alcohol on health.
The story of deuterium depleted water does not seem to end soon.
The Romanian deuterium depleted water market is about 10% of the international market, mainly represented by Hungary, Japan and USA.
The fact that NASA is one of the clients of ICSI Rm. Valcea proves that there are international institutions, sounder than the Romanian ones, which provide time and resources for the research of this water’s effects on health.
The Americans discovered the website of the Romanian producer and hurried to sign a contract with this institution, intending to use this water in a spatial research program that will consist in sending living beings on Mars.
The physicist Ioan Stefanescu, the director of ICSI and the inventor of the first system that produced deuterium depleted water on a large scale, told us about the difficulties he encountered from the moment he started producing deuterium depleted water in his laboratory.
Ioan Stefanescu believes that “Romanian authorities are highly responsible before all people because they were opposed to all endeavors in this regard, things having moved, thus, slowly.
The Romanian audit institutions – the Consumer Protection and the Competition Council – responded quite inadequately, claiming that we were trying to arrange a mega deal.
They did not understand that there was no way we could be a powerful competitor even to mineral water companies (deuterium depleted water cannot represent a significant percentage on this market), and much less be a danger to pharmaceutical companies.”

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