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Birocracy prevent patenting

Deuterium Depleted Water , miracole for health

In Romania, physicians seek solutions to save lives last generation.
Clinics from all over the world are using this water with terapeutical properties produced in Romania.
The Head of ICSI Institut ays deuterium depleted water has healing properties and positive effects in skin deseases, stomach, protects against viruses and decreases cholesterol level, helps in cancer tumors and improves life expectancy.
The Living Water, like it is called, is a natural real remedy available for all.
Therefore, many pacients are going every day to Institute to provide it.
And if specialists from Valcea are trying to find new cures for hard deseases, its happening the same in Cluj where doctors performed Tuesday the first surgery by freezing of a tumor in a transplanted kidney .
The 41 years old patient,put up very well the 3 hours surgery, that took place when her kidney developed a tumor.

According to Pro Dc Mihai Lucan, Head of Urology Clinic from Cluj, the cryogenically surgery, a first for our country, consist in killing cancer cells by repeated freezing processes at minus 190 degrees, followed by thawing.
Doctors decided this method is the only one that can save the kidney and to keep the patient alive.
The woman resisted to surgery and doctors says she will recovery sooner then a classic surgery.
The health institute like ICSI is been called is a real plant health.
Here it is produced DDW (deuterium depleted water), the hope for sick people and one of the biggest achievements patented by researchers from institute.
This water represents a chance to prevent cancer deaseses because of its positive effects together with medical treatment.
Representatives from Valcea Institute had to certify the product as part of the category "drinking water" for marketing promotion because of restrictions from Ministry of Health, Ministry of the Agriculture, Food and Forestry and the National Authority for the Consumer Protection.
The ones who already used this product are saysing is a real miracol for health, but unfortunately the lack of collaboration with romanian medical system made this to be sold especially outside country, Ungary being the most open country.
Ministry of Health couldnt be contacted until the publishing time of The living water helps the cancer patients.
The exceptional treatment that could help lot of people is regarded with indifference by the romanian authorities.
Because of Romanian medical system the water is sold outside the country thebig request coming from Ungary, who buys 70% from heavy water production.
The water from Valcea reached japanese market also. The Institut collaborates with clinical hospitals from Iasi, Timisoara and Bucharest even with vunits from Valcea chemical platform.
We are calling Immaculate Water and its commercialized now using 500 ml PET bottles. Untill now only was sold in the two-liter plastic bottles price. It is an immaculate water, deuterium depleted water.

For healthy persons the deuterium depleted water mus be divided with two-thirds of normal water.
For sick people, this water must be drinking all the time” says Prof Univ. Ioan Stefanescu.
In Romania, few private hospitals are using this water as treatment, most of the patient had to go to the institute to buy tha water.
Deuterium Depleted Water has special effects in cancer treatment together wit chemotherapy.
The patients who tried this kind of treatment say helps a lot in relieving and preventing cancer.
The birocracy stopped patenting the water as medicine.
Unfortunatelly, the heavy legislation and lack of possibilities and time made this product to be commercialized as drinkable water, without Ministry of Health support.
In terms of constraints, regulated by the Order no.179 / 154 of 2003 of the Minister of Health, Minister of Agriculture, President of National Authority for Consumer Protection on the rules governing the marketing of products presented as miraculous, as well as some food in order protection of life, health, safety and economic interests of consumers, the institute strategy was to certify a product category drinking water to promote on the consumer market.
The best quantity was delivered at export, and is the base of veterinary and alimentary products in different countries.
Considering the institure activity is a for research and development and commercializing DDW products is a production and commercial activity, legally authorized which hardly managed , it was decided that the tehnology should be transferred to a potential beneficiary.
This strategy is aligned with the national strategy for increasing the competitiveness of economic agents, facilitating the transfer of research results UCD said general manager Ioan Stefanescu.
International recognition after research conducted by specialists Institute has shown that deuterium depleted water is a non-toxic substance that does not cause changes in the general condition and appearance of animals, does not produce significant changes in body weight and cause no substantial change in biochemical parameters blood, cardiac activity, changes macroscopic bodies, organs and systems of individuals studied.
Using this water with virtuous terapeutical effects dont modify general aspect of the tissue and organs.
The research results were patented and published, but also enjoyed international recognition and being awarded the highest accolades over the years in numerous fairs and exhibitions for science and invention ", added general manager ICSI Valcea.
Discovery of novel research brought five gold medals and three silver at inventions salons in Brussels, Geneva, London and Budapest.

At the request of readers: Researches demonstrating sustained therapeutic qualities in order to characterize this product, Institute representatives held a campaign of intense investigation and research of the properties and effects of ASD, based on collaboration, grants, projects with many specialized institutions in the country, including which include Research and Aquatic Ecology Laboratory - Piatra-Neamt; Laboratory of Experimental and Applied Physiology, Romanian Academy - Iasi Branch; University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Banat - Timisoara; National Institute of Research and Development for Biological Sciences - Bucharest; Research Station and Production Pomicola - Rm. Valcea; Autonomous Nuclear Activities R.A.A.N. - Drobeta Turnu Severin; BIOTEHNOS - Bucharest; Gerovital Cosmetics - Bucharest; National Institute of Naval Research "Antipa" - Constanta; Scientific Research Center of Military Medical - Bucharest; University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Iuliu Hatieganu" Dermatology Clinic Cluj Napoca; National Institute of Research and Development of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies - Cluj Napoca and University - Pitesti.

Sursa: www.ziua.net

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