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Anti-aging Water Rewarded

The National Authority for Scientific Research offered 2 awards for technological transfer and both were obtained by ICSI Rm. Valcea. The award for the greatest technological transfer for heavy water detritiation project, for which a contract was signed with Nuclearelectrica, and which will be implemented at reactors 1 and 2 of Cernavoda Atomoelectrica Institute. The award for the most ingenious technological transfer was offered for deuterium depleted water. Professor Ioan Stefanescu, General Manager at ICSI Rm Valcea, said about this project:

This is an old project, an innovation currently patented in the EU, licensed in Japan, and in process of licensing in USA. It was part of Program 5 of the National Program for Research-Development-Innovation II. Under the patronage of the company that took over the development in the production, QLARIVIA brand was born. Qlarivia is "immaculate" water, it can be found in different shop stands in the capital city and at the National Institute of Cryogenics and Isotopic Separations from Ramnicu Valcea. It is a natural product: potable water. It was, we believe, a great success of technology transfer, starting from a patent, and being fully developed by a Romanian company. This water has an antioxidant effect. We are proud of it also for its anti-aging effect, because we noticed a great freshness and efficiency in the organism after a few months of treatment with this water. We hope that this water may be useful also for people with health problems (I already mentioned it has antioxidant properties). Together with conventional medication, it seems to be highly efficient.

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