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A 100% Romanian product: the water from Valcea, deuterium depleted water, immaculate water or Qlarivia

The Romanian researchers from the National Research - Development Institute for Cryogenic and Isotopic Technologies, ICSI Rm Valcea, developed a new type of potable water. It is a 100% Romanian product, characterized by low deuterium content. This is why experts call it deuterium depleted water or DDW. This is microbiologically pure water, mineralized according to Romanian legislation, with a deuterium concentration of 25 ppm, said Dr. Ioan Stefanescu, Professor of Physics.

The announcement of launching this drinking water on the market engendered all kinds of reactions. For example, deuterium depleted water is as good for humans as a bike is for fish, another way of taking money from fools, any kind of water on the planet has low deuterium content, and of course it has a positive effect, if you dont drink water you die or it looks like a really revolutionary product. We tried to find out the opinion of the experts involved in this Romanian research and Mr. Ioan Stefanescu, the Director of ICSI Rm Valcea, responded to our invitation.

What is deuterium depleted water?
"Deuterium depleted water is one of the best known patented products, created by the researchers from ICSI Rm Valcea.
First of all, it is drinkable water. All other types of water have the classic deuterium concentration. Qlarivia water has a deuterium concentration six times lower than that of regular water, says Mr. Stefanescu.
From a scientific point of view, it is distilled water, microbiologically pure, with an isotopic concentration of 25 ppm, obtained through a process of vacuum isotopic distillation of regular water, which has an isotopic concentration of 145 ppm.
In order to be promoted on the market, the product called Qlarivia has been certified and is registered as potable water.
How is deuterium depleted water obtained?
The technological process allows obtaining deuterium depleted water with a deuterium concentration between 20 and 120 ppm. The system and the procedure of production were patented and registered. The later improvements have also been patented at both national and international levels.
What can be said about its taste?
“Qlarivia has a special taste and causes a good level of oxidability, necessary to the body. It has an anti-stress effect and can also have a good anti-aging effect, in our current life circumstances”, says Director Stefanescu.
How much immaculate water can a person drink daily?
According to the Scientific Research Center for Military Medicine, this water has no contraindications. It can be used as much as one wants, as tea or in combination with other types of water or natural juices, just like any other microbiologically pure potable water, says the director.
Example the clinic of Professor Nicola Traila from Timisoara Medical University, the University of Veterinary Medicine from Bucharest and from Timisoara have shown that it has a positive impact on the organism, in combination with the classic chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment for patients with cancer, argues Mr. Stefanescu.
Research studies that prove the therapeutic properties of deuterium depleted water
In order to define this product, INCDTCI ICSI Rm. Valcea organized an intense campaign of examination and research of the properties and effects of DDW, based on collaboration, grants and projects with many specialized institutions in the country, including:
- General Surgery and Oncology Clinic Timisoara;
- Aquatic Ecology and Aquaculture Laboratory, Piatra Neamt;
- Laboratory of Experimental and Applied Physiology of the Romanian Academy, Iasi;
- Banat University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, TimiÅŸoara;
- National Institute of Research and Development for Biological Sciences, Bucharest;
- Ramnicu Valcea Fruit Research and Development Station;
- Autonomous Administration of Nuclear Activities, RAAN, Drobeta Turnu Severin;
- BIOTEHNOS, Bucharest;
- Gerovital Cosmetics, Bucharest;
- National Institute for Marine Research "Grigore Antipa", Constanta;
- Scientific Research Center for Military Medicine, Bucharest;
- "Iuliu Haţieganu" University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Dermatology Clinic, Cluj-Napoca;
- National Institute for Research and Development of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies, Cluj-Napoca;
- University of Pitesti;
What do researches prove?
Water toxicity has been tested through specific procedures. This is how it was proved that deuterium depleted water is actually a non-toxic substance, which does not cause changes in the general condition and appearance of animals, does not produce significant changes in body weight or a substantial modification of biochemical parameters of blood, cardiac activity, macroscopic changes of the organs and systems of the individuals studied.
This water with therapeutic properties does not change the general aspect of tissues and organs either.
In this sense, researchers examined samples from liver, gallbladder, pancreas, lungs, trachea, heart, kidneys, suprarenal glands, thyroid, pituitary gland, salivary glands, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon, bladder, uterus, bone marrow, brain, eyes, spinal cord, mammary glands, spleen, thymus, lymph nodes.
But the research studies showed that this water had special effects.
These include increased vascular reactivity; stimulation of the non-specific immune system; increased resistance of animals to sub-lethal and lethal radiation doses; remission of tumor cell lines; stimulation of germination, growth and development of crop plants; stimulation of artificial reproduction of trout; stimulation of the development of juvenile salmonidae; fungicidal effect on fungal parasites of fish; longer-lasting freshness of fish meat; stimulation of metabolism of aquatic macrophytes; stimulation of germination, growth and development of some crops (rice, corn, grapevine) and inhibition of the growth of mold that attacks the grapevine.
The research results have been patented and published, and at the same time have enjoyed international recognition, being awarded the highest distinctions over the years at numerous fairs and exhibitions of science and inventions", said the director of ICSI Rm Valcea.
The Romanian product is known abroad.
The largest amount was delivered to exportation and constitutes the basis of veterinary and food products in different countries. The most of the demand comes from Hungary, which now buys 70% of the deuterium depleted water. Water from Valcea has reached the Japanese market.

Own botteling laboratory. Technology transfer
After having used, in recent years, the services of another company bottling line, the representatives of the institute had to consider the development of their own bottling lines, in order not to stop the "living water" production.
As the institute does not develop a commercial activity, but a research one, in order to sell the products, the contracting of a private company to do this was necessary.
Therefore, a Technology and Business Incubator (ITA ICSI) accredited by MERNASR was created whose mission is to facilitate access of incubated companies to technologies, innovative products and services in the areas of energy, cryogenics, ecology, chemistry and tourism.
The transfer of DDW production and marketing and of its derivatives was performed under a project won by the SC Mecro System SRL (incubated ITA ICSI) economic operator, which supported the technological transfer of innovative technologies to the economic operators. The Mecro System Company also invested in a bottling station.
The technology transfer had to be based on the assignment of the right to produce and commercialize the DDW and its derivates, in accordance with the regulations in force and the OSIM notification.
Under this project, SC Mecro System SRL managed to build up, in the space rented within the ITA, a bottling potable water installation and got authorized and certified to produce, bottle and commercialize this water under Qlarivia name, a pure immaculate water, with 25 ppm deuterium concentration.
Since the SC Mecro System SRL is the exclusive transferee, at least for the following 20 years, for the DDW production and marketing under firm contracts and taking into account the investment made in the bottling line and in regular employment, all manufacturing costs as well as the price policy will be is determined by it, in accordance with the total cost and market demand, while the marketing is done in specialized stores.
Please note that, by assigning the invention to the SC Mecro System SRL, ICSI earns, for a period of 20 years, at least 10% more as compared to the previous incomes in the DDW area "alleged General Director of ICSI Valcea.
A parenthesis: vine tears are low in deuterium content.
At the end of the winter, vine stocks sectioning determines the flow of a liquid people call in various ways including vine tears.
The grape wine water has a 60 ppm concentration of deuterium, but just for a short time, one or 2 weeks at least. However, there is no question to valorize it ", says Ion Stefanescu.

There are reports sustaining the sterilization property of the vine sap. Among them is the one of Professor Stefanescu.
I remember that when I had sties my parents used to put some grape wine water in my eyes and one day later I was healed. Consequently, the grape wine water was known to have a certain performance in sterilizing and speeding wound healing.
Deuterium is a 2 neutron- hydrogen isotope.

Sursa: http://www.ziarulstiintelor.eu/articole-deschise/2008-08/a.aspx

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